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ROOm & rug

Sometimes, getting the right sized carpet for your room can be daunting. Don’t stress, we’re here to figure this out with you.



Bring all your furniture inside a gorgeous OpulentTM carpet. This means, all your furniture legs sit comfortably on top of your carpet. This configuration is used for large as well as smaller living areas. We recommend that you leave 18 to 24 inches free around the perimeter of your rug.


Let the back legs of your sofa set and chair sit on the floor while the front legs rest on top of your lovely OpulentTM carpet. This is ideal for compact spaces and living rooms where the sofas are up against the wall.



Tuck your bed and nightstands cozily inside a soft OpulentTM carpet. The all-round wrap keeps your bedroom nice and quiet so you get a good night’s sleep. We recommend that your carpet covers a distance of 18-24 inches around your bed.


 In this configuration, all the legs of your nightstands and the top of the bed are on the floor while the base of your bed is perched atop a warm OpulentTM carpet. The carpet absorbs plenty of ambient noise.


Now, if you are of the minimalist persuasion, we recommend that you keep a comfy, smart runner at the base of your bed to anchor the rest of the furniture in your room.



The ideal spot for your dining table coupled with the chairs should be smack in the center of your carpet. This way, your room is well balanced and your guests and dinner conversations are in the spotlight. We recommend that the distance between the table and the edge of the carpet be at least 30 inches. This way, guests can move their chairs out freely.